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Zazz develops customized Healthcare Applications to streamline hospital workflows, increase
diagnostics accuracy, promote preventive medicine & care quality, boost patient engagement,
and empower healthcare professionals to maximize their operational efficiency.

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We cater to the needs of diverse verticals like:

Services for Medical Software Vendors and Hospitals

Medical Software Vendors
& Hospitals

Services for Pharmaceutical Companies & Startups

Pharmaceutical Companies & Startups

Services for Hospitals


Services For Research & Diagnostic Centers

Research & Diagnostic Centers

Services For Manufacturers of Hospital Equipments

Manufacturers of Hospital Equipments

Services for Biotech Businesses

Biotech Businesses

Our exemplary Healthcare Application
Development Services include:

Healthcare Apps for Patients, Doctors & Medical Establishments

Custom Healthcare App Development

The engineers at Zazz develop custom-built healthcare apps to offer an amplified patient experience by integrating novel features, digitizing processes, and maintaining a user-friendly interface. App users can witness vital elements like virtual health monitoring, self-assessment, automated appointment scheduling, health records, and e-prescriptions by leveraging our medical app development services.

EHR and EMR Software Development services

EHR and EMR Software Development

The experienced healthcare app developers at Zazz build robust systems like Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and other essential clinical decision support systems. As a leading healthcare app development company, several renowned healthcare establishments rely on us for integrating error-free applications to facilitate remote patient monitoring, automated reporting, and much more.

Healthcare Web Application Development/Medical Web Design and Development services

Healthcare Web Application Development

Incorporate our high-performing web app development solutions to support the intricate healthcare infrastructure, track important data & records, and bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and patients. With a profound experience in medical web development, we aid healthcare institutions to make a fluid shift in their work operations & patient care.

Remote Monitoring Software services

Remote Monitoring Software Development

We build robust apps and software to facilitate quick remote medical assistance, real-time patient monitoring, and effective treatment processes. We gather and provide accurate data by leveraging IoT devices such as blood glucose monitors, smart inhalers, pacemakers, etc. With our app solutions, patients receive easy consultation, treatment, and monitoring experiences from the comfort of their homes.

Medical Practice Management Application services

Medical Practice Management App Development

Manage your medical operational and administrative tasks like inventory management, billing, verifying insurance eligibility, managing claims, and receiving payments in a single system easily. Moreover, our medical practice management apps and software impart a seamless patient experience by providing easy registration, appointment scheduling, virtual visits, remote health monitoring, and other healthcare facilities.

Pharmacy Management Application Development agency

Pharmacy Management App Development

Our healthcare app developers have developed multiple single secure application systems in pharmacy apps that can help you boost medicine & drug restocking, and even evaluate vital KPIs (such as inventory turnover). We also build data management tools to thoroughly view and analyze vital elements like drug expiration rates, sales percentages over time, inventory turnover, etc.

Revenue Cycle Management Software firm

Revenue Management Software Development

We have built multiple applications for our customers that have helped them track the revenue received from patients and streamline medical billing and treatment requests. Revenue cycle management is a vital element of health administration that is prone to delays in claim processing. Our app developers leverage AI to efficiently evaluate data sets, predict insurance claim denials, analyze patient payment patterns, etc.

Veterinary Management Apps & Software development company

Veterinary Management Apps Development

Bestow your users with remote vet-pet consultations, securely store pets’ information, and schedule visits that save them significant time spent on manual invoicing, billing, and reporting. Our healthcare app development services encompass the integration of user-friendly veterinary management apps that impart ease to pet owners by sending automatic reminders for appointments and medication intake.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Data Analytics and Visualization Setup

The apps we develop assist you in analyzing an array of unstructured data for accurate decision-making. We develop potent data visualization systems that aid in collecting real-time metrics and timely data updates. Our healthcare application development company offers a one-of-a-kind user experience by enabling tracking of patients’ conditions, sending alerts during emergencies, and assessing the effectiveness of treatments.

Our Recent Work

Your quest for deft healthcare app developers ends here!

Integrate feature-rich applications in your healthcare establishment to offer a matchless performance and smooth user experience. Our medical app developers ensure security and compliance by adhering to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Get in touch with us to hire our experienced professionals!

We excel in Healthcare App Development with the following features

Remote Health Surveillance Services

Remote Health Surveillance

The remote health monitoring feature allows healthcare providers to collect telemetry data like glucose levels easily, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing quality, calorie intake, sleep cycle, etc. This will streamline the diagnostics processes while saving time and offering a smooth remote monitoring experience for doctors and patients.

Self Health Checkup Application Development

Self-Checkup Modules

Patients can easily resort to the self-checkup apps we have created. These apps help them analyze their ongoing symptoms and receive recommendations to consult a doctor for further diagnosis and treatment. Our team leverages the strength of AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) to offer you next-gen self-checkup apps and software.

uninterrupted health services

Pre-Visit Consultation

Apps built at our healthcare mobile app development company are power-packed with essential features like texting, video conferencing, and various communication channels to connect with experts. These high-end features are a significant aid for elders and the disabled to access a hassle-free and quick consultation and treatment process.

Automatic Reminders, Alerts and Scheduling services

Reminders & Scheduling

Our app architects have developed applications integrated with an automatic reminder feature that sends notifications to schedule, attend, or pay for appointments and sends alerts to take medicine, drink water, follow a diet schedule, sleep on time, etc. All these elements come in handy for the users as it saves a lot of time and manual effort.

Online Prescriptions Services for Healthcare App


At Zazz, our engineers enable doctors and patients to send and receive e-prescriptions in a jiffy. The apps we develop streamline the prescription process securely send medicine orders to designated pharmacies and eliminate paper-based workflows. Moreover, our e-prescription feature facilitates access to a patient’s medical history.

Online Prescriptions Services for Healthcare App

Cloud Integration

Cloud service integration into apps is an efficient way to store personal medical data information such as health records, scans, etc. Secure healthcare applications and software developed by Zazz’s experts convert data from hefty systems to consolidated cloud-based solutions to offer the utmost convenience to the patients.

Healthcare App Development with User Friendly Interface

Payments & Billing

Our apps encompass a user-friendly interface and intuitive features that help patients organize and manage their medical bills while paying them digitally via secure payment methods. Furthermore, our apps facilitate multiple tasks like confirming insurance eligibility, giving providers in-depth bills, and monitoring incoming transactions.

Healthcare Application Development with effictive communication

Visual Conference

Our healthcare app development company can help you get away with the hassle-filled in-person consultations. The visual conference feature of our healthcare apps lets you bridge the gaps between patients and healthcare professionals. Patients need not wait for hours or commute unnecessarily as they can receive quick medical aid virtually.

Healthcare app development with advance features

Analytics Dashboard

A user-friendly interface, intuitive features, and an easy-to-use dashboard offer an incredible user experience to patients and doctors. We have incorporated a user-friendly and result-oriented Admin panel & Data Analytics Dashboard that aids healthcare professionals in reviewing activities and their patients’ information under one head.

What Sets Us Apart?

Regulatory Compliance Services

Regulatory compliance

Our healthcare app developers ensure compliance by adhering to all the healthcare technical standards, regulations and laws such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH).

Security & Privacy Services for Healthcare app development

Security & Privacy

Zazz highly ensures that patients’ sensitive health records, documents and other important data are 100% safe and confidential. The apps we create are embedded with security measures like multifactor authentication, encryption, frequent backups, role-based access control, etc. to combat cyberattacks, data leaks, and unauthorized access.

Healthcare Application with Integrated Diverse Systems

Integrating Diverse Systems

Our developers are adept at incorporating multiple robust and imperative infrastructural systems like customer relationship management software, payment gateways, mHealth applications, electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR). These systems assist in managing the operational activities at any healthcare establishment.

best healthcare app development agency

Constant Support & Maintenance

Zazz’s prime goal is to impart a satisfying experience to the clients and their customers by offering 24/7 maintenance and support services for healthcare applications and software. Whether it is a troubleshooting issue or a monitoring error, we offer apt support immediately.

Cloud-native application development company

Cloud-native Development:

Build high-quality, robust and immensely scalable digital products by employing continuous integration/delivery automation, microservices architecture and containers. Our experts use an agile methodology that results in error-free, robust and easy-to-use healthcare applications.

Data Analytics services for healthcare application

Data Analytics System

With hands-on expertise in data engineering, our experts facilitate accurate decision-making, generate useful insights, assess the effectiveness of treatment and enhance health outcomes.

Best Healthcare App Developers in usa

Highly Skilled Professionals

Zazz encompasses hand-picked talent which makes up the best 2% of North America’s IT and tech experts. Our healthcare app developers possess multiple certifications from eminent sources like AHIMA , CPHIMS, HCISPP; enabling them to build exceptional healthcare applications and software.

Top Healthcare App Development Company in USA

Profound Experience

With 12 years of experience in the healthcare app development sphere, Zazz has been successful in delivering several projects for renowned medical establishments and stakeholders. We have a broad clientele base who trust us for high-quality medical apps and software.

top healthcare app development agency

Interoperability Ease

We offer an easy-to-access digital version of conventional manual records such as prescription details, medical history, lab test results, billing information, etc. to doctors, patients and insurance providers securely.

FAQs on Healthcare App Development


Maintaining the privacy and security of our client’s data is our topmost priority. Thus, we adhere to all the important regulatory compliances and sign an NDA agreement with our clients. Once you sign the contract with us, Zazz cannot disclose any information without your authorization and hence your app idea and project are exclusive.


Our healthcare app experts follow a well-defined structure to conduct the app development process. The step-by-step procedure includes: Discover, Strategize and Architect; Design and Prototype; Development; Quality & Assurance and Testing, Scale and Measure.


Yes, we have an all-inclusive policy to offer deployment and quality & assurance services, once all the security and compliance procedures are taken care of. We take full responsibility to make the app live and offer support & maintenance free for the whole 60 days. Moreover, we will monitor the crashes, and take care of the analytics and monetization aspects. We will accordingly improve the application to make sure that it reached the end user in a completely error-free state. If in case you still find any issues with the live app, our team will book a meeting with you and make changes as per your suggestions.


Yes, we have a robust and seamless app development process to let our clients view the progress from time to time. We employ agile methodology and divide the app development life cycle into multiple sprints for you to review each stage clearly and share your valuable feedback. Our team will immediately start working on the changes you have discussed if any.


To book a free consultation with us, pick a date and time that works for you. Then, fill out the contact form, and you will receive an email with a link for the Zoom meeting. The Zoom call will be for 30-45 minutes, where we will share a detailed project plan with you that will include a cost estimate and a roadmap. You can also look forward to data-driven answers to all your questions, recommendations from an industry expert and professional documentation of your business & technical requirements. You can also email us at for further queries.


We have an extensive team of experts spread over North America's 7 locations: Seattle, Toronto, New York, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago. We allocate a healthcare app team to our clients based on their requirements, convenience and nearest location.


Zazz is a leading healthcare app development company encompassing highly skilled and experienced professionals. We have senior technical project managers, design architects, system engineers, technical leads, a quality & assurance team, and deployment & cloud architects who will leave no stone unturned in making your project successful.


We are a team of 275+ healthcare app experts, and we promise to delegate an entire healthcare app development team to you within 1 to 2 weeks to start working on your project.


Medical App developers at Zazz are rich in technical experience and have delivered several successful projects to diverse verticals. We assure you that we will deliver error-free, robust, highly scalable, and user-friendly applications to streamline your healthcare establishment's medical processes and treatment.


Zazz holds an experience of more than a decade in creating robust healthcare systems and applications. Being an experienced app development company, we have architected and maintained healthcare app development solutions for hundreds of hospitals, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.


Our deft developers make comprehensive and platform-friendly medical applications that support many platforms like desktops, kiosks, iOS, android, web, and admin.

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