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Our iOS App Development Services

Zazz has a wealth of 12 years of experience delivering tailor-made iOS app solutions that increase user engagement, polish brand value, and accelerate revenue with its talented iPhone apps developers.

Our iOS app development agency comprises certified engineers who know the ins and outs of every Apple device. In addition, we leverage cutting-edge tools and languages like Swift, SwiftUI, Objective-C, XCode, CircleCI, TestFlight, Revenuecat, Bitbucket, and Jira to offer various high-quality services.

custom ios app development

Custom iOS

We offer bespoke iOS application development services that adequately address specific business operations and users’ needs. Our development team creates highly functional iOS apps.

Our iPhone app development firm loves paying attention to your specific business needs and creating apps that perfectly suit all your customers' requirements.

iOS Application Ui/Ux Design

iOS App
UI-UX Design

Our innovative design team follows Apple's Human Interface guidelines and other best practices to design magnificent UI/UX for making interactive apps that effortlessly run on all Apple devices.

Our iOS development services focus on clarity, deference & depth to deliver first-class solutions that yield targeted results.

Custom iOS App Migration

iOS App

Our experts can quickly help move your dream legacy app to iOS and leverage the tight-knit nature of Apple's operating system & guidelines to achieve your well-planned business objectives.

Our iOS app development services company in the USA ensures a swift app migration, without loss of data or downtime.

multi platform app development


Our iPhone application development agency has up-to-date and compatible tools along with an innovative environment to build multi-platform Apps for interactivity across all Apple devices.

You get top-notch iOS solutions for multi-platforms under one roof with a dedicated team working towards your goals.

ios library development

iOS Library

Every iOS library solves a complex programming problem. Open-source iOS libraries result in quality, reliability, adaptability, and innovation by making iOS apps secure, and cost-effective.

The expert-written code at our iPhone mobile application development company allows you to exchange code between apps and release it as a third-party library.

ios application testing

iOS Application

Our iOS developers follow a proven strategy by performing manual & automated testing, including Unit Testing, Mock Testing, UI Testing, and Snapshot Testing, to offer the best user experience.

As one of the best iPhone app development companies, all iOS apps we build go through quality testing multiple times to ensure that the final product is crash-free.

ios application monitization

iOS App

Our experts help you unlock your App's potential to the fullest so it can appeal to the target audiences and generate significant revenue with our in-demand app monetization strategies.

Our iOS development company in the USA offers comprehensive solutions that ensure to drive significant revenue for your business.

ios application marketing

iOS Application

Our app engineers create sturdy and custom digital platform solutions with result-driven approaches to improve your native iPhone application’s store ranking & ensure its future success.

Trust our iPhone application development company to boost your app’s visibility on the App Store, translating into more downloads.

IOS App Development Showcase

Our iOS App Development Expertise

Zazz is the top iPhone app development agency; when you collaborate with us, rest assured that you will get all the high-performing and user-friendly features specific to an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac under one roof.

Be it user authentication with face ID, AR-based game app features, or anything iOS-specific. Our iPhone app development company has the knowledge and experience to build features and integrate them perfectly with your iOS app. Some of the most popular features that our team has built are-

Partner with our in-demand iOS squad to build
next-gen applications

How We Deliver
the Best IOS App Development Services

A robust process is a key to achieving breakthrough results. We follow a proven iOS app development process to build impeccable apps that grow and evolve with your business.


With 12 successful years of applauded iOS solutions, Zazz has earned the reputation of being the most sought-after destination for iOS mobile app development services because of our commitment to delivering top-notch custom iOS solutions to clients from a wide array of globally operating industries.

The Journey of a Successful iOS App
Begins Here!

iOS Frameworks
That We Have Mastered

  • iAd Framework iAd

  • HealthKit Framework HealthKit

  • AVKit Framework AVKit

  • TVMLKit Framework TVMLKit

  • GameplayKit Framework GameplayKit

  • UIKit Framework UIKit

  • SceneKit Framework SceneKit

  • CloudKit Framework CloudKit

  • EventKit Framework EventKit

  • ARKit Framework ARKit

  • MapKit Framework MapKit

  • WatchKit Framework WatchKit

  • iBeacon Framework iBeacon

  • SiriKit Framework SiriKit

  • GLKit Framework GLKit

  • ClassKit Framework ClassKit

  • NewsstandKit Framework NewsstandKit

  • WebKit Framework WebKit

  • SpriteKit Framework SpriteKit

  • HomeKit Framework HomeKit

  • Apple Play JS Framework Apple Play JS

  • ClockKit Framework ClockKit

  • PushKit Framework PushKit

  • Metal Framework Metal

  • Core Bluetooth Framework Core Bluetooth

  • PassKit Framework PassKit

  • Core ML Framework Core ML

  • Core Data Framework Core Data

  • StoreKit Framework StoreKit

  • GameKit Framework GameKit

FAQs on
IOS App Development

Q1. What precautions will you take to protect the privacy of my iOS app idea and the security of my complete project?


At Zazz, every conversation starts with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Our iOS development agency considers data security and integrity a crucial need for iOS app development. Therefore, we follow a secure-by-design solution and a full suite of risk-focused, context-aware security procedures leveraging artificial intelligence, cloud, automation, and agile technologies to combat sophisticated threats and drive purposeful growth at speed and scale. Our actions mirror what we say.

Q2. Can your iOS team create a stunning iOS app specifically for my business?


Yes, experienced designers and engineers make up our professional iOS squad. They are excellent at creating cutting-edge UI/UX to help our customers grow their businesses by keeping their respective users happy.

We consistently keep our client's business objectives in the development loop and utilize efficient tools & technologies to attract the majority of online visitors & convert them into loyal and dedicated customers. Our expert teams create interactive applications for iPhones, iPad, Apple watches, and all other iOS-supportive devices that also help establish confidence and trust in the services and products you offer by using the application we develop.
Our teams put in much effort to maintain our position as one of the best iOS app development companies in the USA by crafting and delivering stunning iOS applications designed to address a specific set of clients' needs.

Q3. How do you distribute and deploy resources for my iOS app development project?


Our team conducts in-depth research on your app concept, including the industry sector it belongs to. We also research the particular set of users you serve, the technology stack you necessitate, and other company-related essentials you wish us to brainstorm and develop better starting your app innovations.
Our iPhone development company assigns the finest resources and cross-functional team with experience in your business sector based on the custom demands of your iOS application development project, including your specific business objectives and the requirements of your user base.

Q4. Which are the most popular iOS apps developed, launched, and maintained by Zazz?


We have successfully designed, developed, and delivered over 350 complex iOS app development projects for reputed clients all over the globe. However, some of our most notable iOS-based projects include Riyadh Season, Roundup, ECAO, Simply Signs, WSPS, TaxVolt, Ideal Protein, Maxsold, ViewGem, Mindset, Settlyt, Skills Ontario, Frenzy, Amy Macedo, Alpha Match, RehvUp, &Jane and many more.

Q5. What tools and technologies do you leverage to build iOS-based solutions?


Many iOS programming solutions frequently appear in our iOS developers' favorites lists. Our iOS professionals can use all the popular iOS tools and technologies, including but not limited to SSL Pinning, C, Figma, XC, Gitlab, XCode as an IDE, Invision, Zeplin, KIF, Test, Objective-C, and many more. Apart from this, our experts can employ any specific set of technologies and tools required to serve any particular requirements of our client's application ideas.

Q6. Will you help me submit my iOS app to the App Store?


Yes, our iOS squad is always excited to launch your newly developed app on the App Store. Submitting your application to Apple's App Store comes under one of the many crucial components of our full-service iOS app development package.

Q7. Can you give me direct access to my iOS development project?


Yes, our iOS software development company values your idea and keeps you informed at every step to find the best solution. We provide simple access to our clients so they can run things according to their vision and significantly improve the efficiency of the development process. We use ProofHub, Notion, Slack, Basecamp, and JIRA for the same.

For us to jointly plan, track, and manage, you will be granted full access to your iOS project on the JIRA Atlassian platform. As a result, we can adapt our process, work together on ideas in the middle, and create fantastic iOS applications specifically designed to serve your particular business and user-base needs.

Using the Bitbucket repository also allows us to store the code for your iOS app in a centralized, secure location that is easily accessible to you, as well as your assigned development team. We will provide you with all the data you require to follow the progress of your product's development, suggest changes, and deliver it.

Q8. Do you guarantee to deliver my iOS solution with the highest quality and on time?


Yes, we design our process with the needs of our clients in mind. To provide the best result, we employ an agile methodology, SCRUM project management, and divide the entire iOS product development cycle into several phases.

Our iOS app development company in the USA is passionate about helping our clients successfully release their business ideas in the form of great iOS apps and is dedicated to providing them with the best iOS services. The outstanding iOS solutions for your business will only be developed and implemented by someone with the level of experience and knowledge our iOS development team has.

Additionally, by engaging our iOS app development services, you can be sure that your final iOS solution will meet the highest quality standards and be ready in advance of schedule.

Q9. Do I own the rights to my iPhone application code developed by you?


Yes, wherever you engage our iPhone development services, you are always the intellectual property rights owner, including your application code. While signing an NDA with our clients, our team freely discusses source code ownership of the iOS apps we create.

We are a renowned iOS app development company, and once your iOS application is successfully released on the App Store, we will pass over the source code and ownership to you. No questions asked.

Q10. What if the dedicated team that has been deployed is not performing as expected? Then, what options do I have?


We prioritize each client's complete satisfaction with our services at our iOS mobile app development company. As a result, we will carefully evaluate the development's existing status in light of the specifications you initially set at the beginning of your project and assess the progress with the pointers agreed upon in the signed NDA.

If we find any irregularities or even the slightest chance for your iOS development to be enhanced, we will solve them immediately and replace the team you find unsatisfactory. Your experience with our services and experts matters to us.

Q11. How will Zazz handle my requests for modifications while my iOS app is still being developed?


Our top priority is to make things simpler for you, so we file your request for mid-process redevelopments or adjustments right away. Our iOS staff is always ready to assist you in any way that would enhance your confidence in our services, including all modification requests throughout your development cycle, to produce what you had in mind.

We swiftly contact business analysts working on your projects, such as project managers and technical leaders, to immediately address and accomplish all the modification requests.

Q12. Once you develop and launch my iOS app, will you stick around to assist further?


Yes, we offer our clients thorough post-launch app maintenance. We examine the necessity for design updates, UAT, version modifications, and many other essential factors. In addition, we have included a complimentary six-month maintenance plan for your produced application in the list of our iOS services.

If you would like more information, you can quickly contact one of our tech experts by dialing +1(800)-315-8144 and receiving a prompt response, or you can email us at, and we will respond to you within 48 hours or less.

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